Supercharge Learning Potential.

Our all in one note taking and transcription app. Designed for Inclusive and meaningful learning moments. Messenger Pigeon allows you to not only capture and organize content but also engage with it.

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Messenger Pigeon Interface showing transcription and analyze feature

Habitat Learn is trusted by students at over 300 Institutions

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Messenger pigeon interface showing AI Study Assistant

Features designed to enhance learning.

Messenger Pigeon has been designed with features to not only capture class content in an inclusive way, but also assist learner in engaging with their studies.

Capture and Organize with Ease
Intelligent Study Assistant
Flexibility with mobile, desktop, and web platforms
Connect with expert note takers
“Habitat Learn has been a tremendous success at our school and has been a huge help to our students. Keep up the good work and we look forward to continuing to utilize this service in the new year!”
Taryn Cooper
M.A. Rutgers University
“I was very pleased with Habitat Learn. I was able to listen to the class and still write notes and have these additional notes for when I ran out of time to write my own notes.”
Humber College
The ease of using your service was appreciated. I highly recommend your service for other students, like myself, who struggle to keep up note taking while there are several people cross-talking. Your service has enabled me to get the notes of only what the lecturer is saying. It helps me not to be so overwhelmed. Thank you.
Tarrant County College