Recommending Messenger Pigeon in needs assessments.

If you are a DSA or AtW assessor, or you work with clients who are facing barriers at work or in education due to a disability, this support hub can help you learn about, demonstrate, and recommend Messenger Pigeon.

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Features designed for accessibility

Messenger Pigeon has been designed for Inclusive and meaningful learning moments. Allowing users to capture organise and engage with their class materials.


Fast and accurate transcription for more inclusive learning.

Summary Notes

Jot down personalized insights and reminders with just one click.

AI Study Assistant

Engage with study materials, using prompts built for learning.

Pro Services

Connect to a team of professional captioners and note takers.

Messenger Pigeon in motion.

Walkthrough the key features of Messenger Pigeon and how it works to support people with disabilities in their learning journey.

Resources for assessors

For more information on recommending Messenger Pigeon download our justification documents and device compatibility guides.

Frequently asked questions.

How can users access Messenger Pigeon?

Users can enjoy flexibility with mobile, desktop, and web platforms. Allowing access to learning materials wherever and whenever they need them. Apps are available on both Google Play and App Store.

How accurate are transcripts and captions with Messenger Pigeon?

Messenger Pigeon uses AI built for education to further enhance accuracy and relevancy. Pro services are also available, using a blend of AI perfected by people to ensure that captions are both fast and accurate and comply with ACA and ADA regulations.

Can I download the transcript?

A copy of the class transcript will be readily available in the app and can be downloaded. 

Can users customise the look of the interface?

Yes, users can customise the size, font and colour of the text and easily toggle between both light and dark mode.

Does Habitat Learn offer notes and captions in foreign languages? 

Yes. We currently offer the service in French, Spanish, Russian, and German. However, new languages can be set up upon request. It takes about a week to arrange for a foreign language captioner.

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