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Here, you'll find information on options to partner with us to share Messenger Pigeon, including our affiliate program, partner program, and refer-a-friend program.


Designed for our partner organizations to share our services and get rewards.


Like what we do? Get rewards by promoting our services without being a customer.

Refer A Friend

For our current customers, simply refer a friend to us and receive a month free.


Partner with us to earn revenues.

Our partnership program is designed for our institutional customers that want to promote the Messenger Pigeon app to students. As a partner, you'll have access to your own admin panel where you can track your referrals, view your commission, and manage your account. You'll also receive dedicated support from our team and access to co-marketing materials.

Our commission-based program means you'll earn revenue if your referred students sign up for our services upon graduation, setting your students up for success beyond the classroom. 

Affiliate Program

Like what we do? Share our services.

Our affiliate program is perfect for those who want to promote Messenger Pigeon without being a customer. As an affiliate, you'll receive a unique link to share with your audience and earn commissions based on the results you achieve. With access to our portal, you can track your performance statistics, see your commissions, and access resources and co-marketing opportunities to help you succeed.

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Refer A Friend

Friends helping friends.

Our refer-a-friend program is exclusively available to our current customers. Simply refer a friend to Messenger Pigeon, once they sign up you receive a month free. You can access the program within our Messenger Pigeon app.

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