FAQs & Resources

Note Taking Express

Can I delete a recording?

You can delete recordings from your account if they’re not sent to a note taker.

Can I rename a project after receiving the notes?

Yes, titles of the projects can be edited at any time.

When will I receive my notes if I send the recording on Friday?

If you’re registered for the 24hr Turnaround time, you’ll will receive the notes on Monday.If you’re registered for the 48hr Turnaround time, you’ll will receive the notes on Tuesday.

What audio and video formats are accepted?

The NTEhub accepts audio and video files in wav, .mp3, .mp4, and m4a formats. Any .wav files sent by the user will be converted automatically to .mp3 by the system.

If a student wears headphones will the app pick up the audio?

No, it won’t. If it uses speaker, microphone may pick-up the sound, but the quality might be low.

Does Habitat Learn offer the note taking service in foreign languages?

Yes. We currently offer the service in French, Spanish, Russian, German. However new language can be set up upon request.

How long does it take to set up an account for foreign language notes?

It takes about a week to arrange for a foreign language note taker.

Can I register a student for both transcription and note-taking services?

Currently, the NTEhub only allows you to sign-up users for one service (summary or transcription) at a time. As a result, a separate account would have to be created for each service.

What is the format of the notes sent to the students?

All notes are sent in a word document or PDF.

How do students know when their notes are ready?

Notes are sent to students depending on the turnaround time set for them by their administrators. Once the notes are uploaded to a student’s account by the note taker, an email is sent to the student’s account to notify them regarding this.