Powering Learning with Quality & Trusted AI

For over 10 years, we have been leading note-taking services for students in North America. Now, we're leveraging the power of AI to transform the learning experience. Our intelligent tools personalize study habits, improve comprehension, and empower students to excel academically.

How we built our ai

The Foundations For Creating AI To Support Learning

Our Aim in implementing AI isn't to simply add ease & speed but to foster digital learning environments that offer a blend of support & learning opportunities.

Leveraging The Right Data & People

Leveraging over a decade of high-quality, student-focused note-taking data as its foundation, our AI is continuously evolving thanks to the efforts of our expert in-house AI engineers who meticulously fine-tune its capabilities.

Partnership & Ethical Development

Through partnerships with research institutions and grant providers, we're developing unbiased AI solutions, shaping the future of ethical technology.

Designed for Higher Education

Developed in partnership with learning strategists, our AI balances support with learning opportunities, and is honed specifically for higher education using our own 500,000-hour repository of academic materials.

Messenger Pigeon on Desktop showing AI Transcript and Analyze Feature
AI Transcription

Fast & Accurate AI Transcription

Our AI transcription feature seamlessly converts recordings into accurate, study-ready transcripts. This advanced tool allows you to listen or read back through your material, effortlessly bookmark key points, and integrate them into your notes. With our AI transcription, staying organized and on top of your studies has never been easier.

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AI Study Assistant

AI to Enhance Learning Opportunities

Our AI Study Assistant is your personal guide to mastering class materials. By engaging learners with carefully crafted prompts, it assists in deepening understanding and retention of course content. Designed to create meaningful learning moments, our Study Assistant helps you navigate through your studies with ease, making the learning process more interactive and effective.

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