Messenger pigeon

Supercharge Learning Potential

Our comprehensive note-taking and transcription app, crafted for inclusive and meaningful learning moments. Empowering learners to not only capture and organize content but also actively engage with it.

Messenger pigeon User interface
Messenger pigeon User interface
Messenger pigeon User interface
Messenger pigeon User interface

Features Designed For Engaging Learning.

Recording & Uploads

Use Messenger Pigeon to capture and upload audio and video content, ready to study from.

AI Transcription

Get fast and accurate AI transcription from your audio recordings.

Professional Notes

Get the professional to take notes for you, from your audio recordings.

Personal Notes

Space to jot down your own thoughts, insights or key information.

Grammar Check Built In

We've built spelling and grammar check into Messenger Pigeon for additional support when studying.

AI Study Assistant

Engage with learning through carefully crafted prompts to assist in the learning process.

Flexibility and Accessibility

Messenger pigeon accommodates various learning approaches, whether your prefer professional summary notes straight to your inbox or the freedom to jot down personal thoughts. Messenger Pigeon fosters a supportive environment for personalized learning.

Why We Made
Messenger Pigeon

We made messenger Pigeon to provide equity and accessible learning opportunities to all. Our aim is to remove barriers and make learning more personalized. We strive for simplicity and user-friendliness, ensuring everyone can learn in way that suits them.

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