Live Captions

AI Captions Perfected By People

Our live captioning service provides accessibility and flexibility to classes, events, meetings and lectures. Our dedicated team can attend either remotely or in person, ensuring fast and accurate AI captions, perfected by people.

Live Captioning Function on Messenger Pigeon Desktop.

What Sets Our Live Captions Apart?

Discover what sets our live captioning apart and why it’s the perfect solution for enhancing communication and inclusivity.

AI Built For Education

We use AI honed over a decade in higher education. This ensures unparalleled accuracy in capturing spoken words, even in complex academic settings.

Real-Time Accessibility

From lectures to meetings, our service provides instant captions for any event. Attendees can seamlessly follow along, enhancing accessibility and engagement.

Tailored Flexibility

We cater to your unique needs. Adjust caption displays or accommodate different languages – our service adapts to fit your requirements effortlessly.

Frequently Asked Questions.

We’ve been providing accessible services for a long time, here’s what we usually get asked.

How does your live captioning service work?

Our live captioning service utilizes advanced technology to provide real-time captions for various events, lectures, meetings, and more. Captions are generated as speech is detected while our professional captioners correct the transcript in real time, ensuring accuracy and immediacy.

What types of events can your service caption?

We can caption a wide range of events, including lectures, seminars, meetings, conferences, and special events. We cater to the unique needs of each event to ensure seamless communication and select professional captioners based on your requirements.

How accurate are the captions?

Our captioning technology is highly accurate, thanks to our proprietary AI algorithms trained on over 10 years of experience in higher education. While occasional errors may occur, our captioners continuously monitor and refine the captions for optimal accuracy.

What equipment or software is required to access the captions?

Our live captioning service is delivered through our software Messenger Pigeon. It is available on both dekstop and mobile app as well as web app.

Is your live captioning service compatible with different platforms or streaming services?

Yes, our service is compatible with various platforms and streaming services, including Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Google Meet, and others. We work seamlessly with your preferred platform to deliver captions directly to your audience.

What languages does your live captioning service support?

Our live captioning service supports multiple languages, ensuring inclusivity for diverse audiences. Please contact us to discuss your specific language requirements, and we'll do our best to accommodate them.

How far in advance do I need to book your live captioning service for an event?

We recommend booking our live captioning service as early as possible so we can match you with a captioner who best fits your needs  and ensure availability, especially for in-person events. However, we understand that last-minute requests may arise, and we'll do our best to accommodate them based on availability.

What measures do you have in place to ensure privacy and confidentiality of the captioned content?

We take privacy and confidentiality seriously. Our captioners adhere to strict confidentiality agreements, and all captioned content is transmitted securely.

How much do you charge for live captions?

We charge $70 per hour for live captioning.

What if I have specific questions or concerns about the service?

Feel free to contact our support team with any questions or concerns you may have. We're here to ensure your experience with our note-taking service is smooth and satisfactory.

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