Let Learning Take
Center Stage

Introducing Coral, our innovative video conferencing platform crafted for education. Seamlessly integrating with various tools, Coral enhances your ability to facilitate captivating educational experiences in the online realm. Allowing learning to take center stage.


Designed To Enhance Learning

AI Captioning & Translation

Enhanced accessibility with integrated captioning and language translation powered by AI.


Safeguard intellectual property by adding digital watermarks to your content.

Ambient Noise Cancellation

Ensure a distraction-free learning environment with advanced noise cancellation technology.

Capture The Moment

Coral takes online learning to the next level. It features AI for captions and translations, digital watermarks for protecting content, and noise cancellation for better focus. With Coral, your digital classes are engaging and every moment is captured seamlessly.

Why We Made Coral

We made Coral to transform online learning, ensuring flexibility and equity in digital classrooms. With features like AI captioning, digital watermarking, and noise cancellation, educators can create engaging and inclusive environments accessible to all students. regardless of backgrounds or circumstances.

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