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Designed for education, Launch Camera is the bridge between a physical classroom and the digital world. Launch Camera was created to give students an equal learning experience when they attend classes remotely or in person.


Discover The Core Features That Drive Hybrid Learning.

Transform any classroom into an inclusive learning hub. Remote students attend live classes in real-time with zero lag, experiencing high-quality content through Launch's dual-speaker system. Through Launch students are empowered to ask questions and actively participate, fostering a seamless in-person and remote learning experience.


Our Launch camera has a high quality camera designed so remote learners can fully immerse themselves in the class.


We've included a microphone designed for the classroom. Ready to reduce background noise, so students don't miss a thing.


Create an inclusive learning environment, no matter where your students are located. Our speakers, encourages engagement.

Frequently Asked Questions.

What is Launch Camera?

Launch Camera is an educational tool designed to facilitate seamless learning experiences for students, whether they are attending classes in person or remotely. It bridges the physical classroom and the digital world by providing high-quality video and audio streaming capabilities.

How does launch work?

Launch works by capturing in person classes and streaming them in real-time to remote students. Providing a hybrid and hyflex solution without sacrificing quality.

How can Launch Camera enhance the learning experience for remote students?

Launch Camera enhances the learning experience for remote students by providing them with a virtual seat in the classroom. With high-definition video and clear audio, remote students can participate in lessons as if they were physically present.

What are the technical features of Launch Camera?

Camera: 8 Megapixel Sony IMX219 1080p/30, Capture angle: 62 degrees

Microphone: Sensitivity: -38 dB, Frequency response: 300Hz – 6500Hz, Directionality: >10dB f/b ratio >20dB f/s ratio

Speaker: Power: 2 X 2W speakers, Mode: Stereo, Frequency response: 285Hz – 15KHz

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